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Current Works

SACAJAWEA, A Guide to Lewis and Clark

"As a highly valued member of Lewis and Clark's expedition of explorers, Sacajawea deserves to be recognized for her remarkable career. Much of what has been written about her contains inaccuracies that range from confusion about her name to odd claims as to what she did to make Lewis and Clark's trip a success. A better approach is offered here [in Rowland’s book]. Based upon what Sacajawea actually did, rather than a lot of later imaginary exploits, this story shows how she appeared to those who knew her."
--Dr. Merle Wells, Historian, Idaho State Historical Society

It Happened At Woodstock

In simple terms, this forthcoming picture book tells the story of the world-famous 1969 music festival, emphasizing the surprising size and peaceful nature of the event, with collage artwork using iconic photos of Elliott Land, official Woodstock photographer.