Additional Works

The following books are out of print but available through the internet under Della Rowland Books.

10 Things I Know ... series

Perfect introductory science books offer one juicy fact at a time. Each concept is illustrated with photos and drawings for better understanding.

(Contemporary Books) Ages 3-7

10 Things I Know About Elephants
10 Things I Know About Kangaroos
10 Things I Know About Penguins
10 Things I Know About Whales

Clue Jr ... series

Based on the Clue Jr. Mystery board game, these books contain eight mini-mysteries, with picture clue and solution printed upside down so the reader will use the old "noodle" to figure it out first.

(Author sometimes listed as Parker C. Hinton.)

#3 The Case of the Chocolate Fingerprints
#4 The Case of the Missing Movie
#5 The Case of the Zoo Clue
#6 The Case of the Runaway Turtle
#7 The Case of the Clubhouse Thief
#9 The Case of the Karate Chop
#10 The Case of the Secret Password
#11 The Case of the Barking Dog
#12 The Case of the Winning Skateboard
#13 The Case of the Soccer Camp Mystery

A World of ... series

Each subject is explored in different countries with text, illustrations, and flip art.

(Contemporary Books) Ages 5-8

A World of Cats
A World of Shoes
A World of Dogs
A World of Toys

Additional Works

Beauty and the Beast (Calico/​Contemporary Books) Ages 3-8
A retelling of Madame Leprince de Beaumontís original classic.

Brave Little Spot (Good Times Publishing) Ages 3-7
In this picture book Little Spot, a Dalmatian puppy that lives in a firehouse, saves the day and earns her badge for bravery.

Christmas: A Holiday Treasury (Andrews & McMeel) Ages 3-10
A collection of original and traditional Christmas stories and poems.

The Hidden Treasures ó Nancy Drew Notebooks series #24 (Pocket Books)
Ages 7-11 This chapter book mystery features Nancy Drew as third-grader.
(All Nancy Drew authors are listed as Carolyn Keene.)

Little Red Riding Hood /​ The Wolf's Tale (Carol Publishing) Ages 8-16
Two-books-in-one. The original Grimm fairytale flips over to retell the story from wolf's point of view.

Martin Luther King, Jr, The Dream of Peace (Silver Burdett) Ages 8-14
This biography of Dr. King is part of a 9-book series on Civil Rights leaders which was conceived and edited by the author.

Sharks (Trumpet Book Club/​Dell) Ages 7-13
A science book on a prehistoric creature that has survived because it is the perfect eating machine.

Whales and Dolphins (Trumpet Book Club/​Dell) Ages 7-13
A science book on one of the most intriguing, intelligent mammals of the sea.

Selected Works

SACAJAWEA, A Guide to Lewis and Clark
In 1805, 16-year-old Sacajawea, a Shoshoni Indian, left St. Louis with Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase and help obtain horses from her tribe in Idaho. Carrying her newborn son on her back, her courage and contributions to the two-year expedition surprised the entire corps.
Picture Book
It Happened At Woodstock
In simple terms, this forthcoming picture book tells the story of the world-famous 1969 music festival, emphasizing the surprising size and peaceful nature of the event, with collage artwork using iconic photos of Elliott Land, official Woodstock photographer.

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